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My FUE scars repair - 600 FUE/BHT - Dr Mwamba, Brussels

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Thanks buddy I will do a full report all of my surgeries with pictures and well documents reviews of all the doctors I have been too It will take a long time but I think it can help people t

This forum really is a great pleasure to share progress pics with You guys have a nice and positive community here. Congrats on that I will be happy to post another update at 5 months

They are all super nice, they did a great job and I had good growth with all of them. My favorite as a person (compassion, sense of humor and overall friendly) is Feriduni and Mwamba. Those 2 guy

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9 hours ago, Curious25 said:

Me also - this thread has really changed my game plan. For me personally, I’d much rather have native scalp donor used to replenish my bald areas up top because I feel that aesthetically - you are replacing like for like. BHT has always been used as a ‘filler’ , so for me it makes more sense for my donor to be ‘filled’ and my recipient to take the brunt of the good hairs available. 

I think this makes even more sense if you keep your hair short around the back and sides.


I might bump a thread I started around this a few months ago and see if there are any more doctors who can input - because right now I’ve only came across Dr Mwamba who’s doing this, so would be great to see more feedback across the globe. 

With upto 3000 available BHT grafts under the neck, this could open up a huge amount of extra grafts available to use for people with more modest donors. 

I mentioned this to Dr. Konior and he said it was a good idea. I just haven’t seen it done. I agree, I keep my hair at #1 and at that length the hair is indistinguishable from scalp hair. 

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It's good to know that donor recharging is possible. Say hair cloning becomes a thing in the future, I always wondered if you could use it to improve the density of a donor area used for past hair transplants. 

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To put things into perspective

2019 vs 2020

My goal was not only to achieve a homogeneous look but also be a candidate for a touch up surgery as I still need 700-1.000 grafts to finish zone 2 and my crown.

On year ago I as rejected by many surgeons as my donor was depleted and they could not help me further. Now I can have Surgery which is scheduled for the 3rd of March. I am not sure if 300 grafts will be able to be taken out or 800 (anything above 600 would make me happy) but at least we can do it. I also expect more growth in the donor in the next 3 months

We will only be extracting double grafts so we avoid taking out any BHT. I will do SMP on the donor after this final extraction.



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Good on you mate, inspiring journey for many others. 

I have seen over the recent weeks other doctors condem this approach, however my gut instinct is that they're sticking to old trails of thought, and this is a new innovative approach that is in it's early stages of development, and will be a lot more commonly adopted by younger up and coming doctors, who are more open minded to being creative in the field. 

Your results and journey are testament to this. 

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I have some gaps in zone 2 and crown where I would like to add more density.

Fit farming has been around for many years, since 2003, problem is most doctors don't want to do it. They are already fully booked in advance and can't be bothered to go through a tedious procedure of safely removing BHT (which to be honest only a few do well) and implanting on donor gaps.

I have seen a lot of FUT scars disappear completely with this method and now people are starting to do it for FUE depletion management.

It worked like a charm for me, might not work that well on others.

I think having an doctor that has a lot of experience operating on black people is a big advantage here as body hair is difficult to extract (curvy grafts) just like African hair. There is a specific punch technique to get them out without compression to avoid transection.

There is also new solutions to store the grafts in (10 years ago saline solution was the standard) with ATP and Accell and other preservatives that have drastically increased BHT's survival from 50-60% to 90-95% in the last couple of years.

I did a test patch of 50 BHT into a spot and about 46 grew.

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