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Grafts shedding too early...

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I got a FUE hair transplant 14 days ago (3500FUE : 2000 for hairline and 1500 for vertex, will probably write a journal soon) in Belgium

Anyway I'm a bit worried about something : crusts start falling very quickly as soon as day+6. At day+8 no more crusts. But my main concern is about shedding.

I've heard grafts start shedding around the 3rd week. For me it starts earlier : at day+12 for the hairline, I lost 30/40% of my gratfs in the hairline. For the vertex region, no loss so far.

Is it normal that grafts shed so quickly ? I've heard it should take at least 3 weeks.


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Everyone’s body reacts differently, some shed early, some shed late, some don’t shed at all. I’ve seen guys shed up until 3 months in some cases.
If there was no bleeding, it’s likely that everything is fine and you are entering the ugly duck phase ‘earlier than average’. Look at the positives, your results will grow in quicker. 

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Don't worry about grafts shedding with crusts, that is normal. You should only worry if you see blood. Sounds like you're healing rapidly.

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Mine started shedding off immediately after the 7th day itself. But I have also seen people who start shedding later on. And some who have experienced a direct growth of the transplant hair without shedding.

Don't worry. Everything that is shedding will grow back. 👍

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