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What are everyone’s thoughts on Exosome? What are the right things to look for when researching a clinic that offers?

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I have been researching exosome treatments for the last year, and although there are some big name docs behind it, IMO there still isn’t a sufficient amount of scientific evidence or large enough sample ranges in studies to support the claims, that would warrant the price of the treatment (roughly $5000 per treatment). 
I like to think that it could certainly become a useful treatment to have available in months/years to come - however I would hold fire before parting with your cash just yet, and get in touch with the surgeons and clinics who are offering it, demanding to see evidence of their patients results, solely from exosome therapy, and not in conjunction with anything else. 
To my knowledge Dr C*** was intending to start various trials this year, however I’m not sure whether they have been affected by the pandemic. 
On a side note, I am surprised there hasn’t been more mention of them on these boards, especially when some recommended docs on here are already offering the treatment. 

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I don't know enough about it to be honest, it seems interesting. I'm gonna start reaching out to clinics who offer Exosome therapy to get a little more information.

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