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Hi everyone!

I have been researching FUE transplants a lot over the past couple months and I would really appreciate any insight to kind of ease my mind a bit. I'm in my late twenties and my hair hasn't really receded much since my early twenties, but it's left me with a high hairline I just don't like the look of...kind of like Tom Hiddleston's hairline. I've had 2 "local" consultations and didn't feel safe with either. One was trying to push me to FUT because it's their specialty, they even went as far as to show me bad FUE scars to sway my opinion, really didn't feel comfortable at all. 

Like many, I ended up finding myself looking into surgeons in Turkey. While most seemed far too sketchy, I have read many great things about HLC (on here and elsewhere) so I contacted them and got a price quote and graft amount that seems perfect...but the few people I've told think I've lost my mind even considering traveling out there and keep telling me it can't be safe haha! Basically I'm  just wondering if anyone who's been there can tell me their experience so I can reassure my family it's reputable and safe (as well as myself honestly!).  

I have a consultation with Rahal in early July as well as he's my top US choice. Though I'm concerned what the price for 1800-2000 grafts would be (that has been the estimate I'm getting everywhere).



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I believe Rahal has an office in LA (i remember seeing it on their website).

As far as HLC goes I'd probably rate them #1 choice in Turkey at this stage ... a clinic full of physicians, all utilising stick and place technique, with their most recent patients exhibiting early growth. But Im only judging this from an outsiders perspective.

Try talking to @duchaine and  @83mjs or at least check out their threads if you can


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