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Scared about possible hair loss, what do you think?

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(When wet)
I only really started caring about hair loss last year. I believe it was due to the fact I had dyed my hair for the first ever time and started noticing hair on my hands when in the shower. I'm naturally blonde and went to a dark brown so It's likely why I've only started noticing them then. The issue though is I became sorta obsessed with it. I'm not exactly helping myself because something that added to the fear were conflicting views about if I was balding or not. Some say I am 100% balding, others say you're perfectly fine (Including my hair dresser). I'm mainly making this post as a last attempt to get some opinions from what seems like a serious site, unlike Reddit which is where I asked originally. I feel like it's kinda obvious that I'm not balding due to how much hair I have but please answer seriously as It is honestly a big worry for me despite having ZERO signs of hair loss. Most of what built into the worrying (Aside from Reddit) was noticing these types of things that I originally thought were normal and perfectly fine. My hair line is a perfect example which i'm 90% sure I've had since I was very young but apparently is a huge sign of male pattern baldness. Something people would always point out is that one side has less hair then the other but that's due to me combing my fringe to one side. I'm not 100% sure if I've always had it since I've always had a fringe so I've never looked. It was never a shock to me when I first started paying attention to it so I assume it's always been like that but it's really hard to remember. I've been paying a little too much attention to my hair for the past year or more and I've not noticed any changes. If it helps, this is my hair line from more then a year ago: 


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I hate to say this, but its better than living in denial, as I did for many years. Your temples are definitely receding. I have never seen a child with temples like that, it looks like a norwood 2 hairline. 

Now, instead of freaking out, you’ve caught it early enough to fight it, the sooner the better. Below is probably what your hairline looked like before.


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Long story short.  Finasteride NOW!!!.   Surgery later.   If you have good donor supply.  Sorry for your loss.  Just thought I would be blunt.  No need to sugar coat the truth.  Go see a good doc to get a free evaluation.  They don't need to charge.  They know you will be back when your ready to have your head turned into a pin cushion.

  Welcome to our exclusive club.  Membership is free.  You might try shaving your head to see if you like it.  Otherwise this is the beginning of a life long war with the mirror in your bathroom if you choose to fight on.  " A Cure"!   please don't make me laugh.  Just had surgery a week ago.  Head still hurts.  No one is immune to aging.  Balding sucks but you are certainly not alone.

Ghost of follicular future...


Good Luck.   

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