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Dr. Kapil Dua

BIO-FUE Hair Transplant result by Dr Kapil Dua – 2000 Grafts | 1 Year Post op

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A 33 year old male suffering from NH grade 3 baldness for 3-4 years was looking for covering the bald scalp. He underwent BIO-FUE hair transplant and 2000 grafts were transplanted. The surgery was uneventful. The patient is happy with the results of the surgery one year after the surgery.

Preop .jpg

Preop 1.jpg

Preop 2.jpg

preop 3.jpg

Preop 4.jpg

Preop 5.jpg

Preop 6.jpg

Immop .jpg

Immop 1.jpg

Immop 2.jpg

Immop 3.jpg

Immop 4.jpg

Immop 5.jpg

Immop 6.jpg

Result .jpg

Result 1.jpg

Result 2.jpg

Result 3.jpg

Result 4.jpg

Result 5.jpg

Result 6.jpg

Kapil Dua, M.B.B.S. M.S. ,FISHRS

Chairman & Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dipl. American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

Past President, Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India

Board of Governor, Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery

Board of Governor, ISHRS, USA

Dr. Kapil Dua is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network"


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That’s very good coverage for such a moderate amount of grafts. Nice work Dr. 

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