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Choosing a clinic based on the physician consult option?

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Im located in the UK.  I have considered having a transplant at home, within the EU, or in Turkey.  One issue I've seen mentioned is the lack of an oversight board in Turkey so I may be taking a bit of a risk.  However, in the same threads it is mentioned to choose a clinic that may be validated through this board.  I have been in touch with the Resul Yaman clinic in Turkey as this clinic is the only one in Turkey listed under the "consult a physician" tab.  Should that be enough to inspire confidence?  The reviews all seem to be good too.


I requested an online consult and received an approximate pricing based on what they think I may need.  I was given a quote of 1 euro per graft (FUE) and an approximation of 2300 grafts - although they did state if I needed more I wouldn't be charged.  

The UK apparently isn't known for its procedures and it is relatively expensive compared to other areas.  Cost is a factor as I am currently in grad school, but I dont want my desire to save money to cost more in the long term if a procedure is botched - given my hair loss is in the early stages and I seem to have a good donor area.  Currently I am 29 and single so I feel that this is a good time to have the transplant performed such that I get a confidence boost in my dating life, and get the most use out of it longterm.


Due to anabolic steroid usage  over the last 2 years I have damaged my hairline due to mismanagement and inconsistent usage of finasteride.  The last photo I have attached was 10 months prior to usage and was taken right before my 27th birthday.  I have experienced multiple rounds of shedding and have many more "baby hairs" around my hairline than I use to which seems to indicate miniturization of the follicle.  Basically, my hairline has become less dense and Im certain i've lost half a centimeter in certain areas.







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Still got an enviable head of hair. You’re just starting your adult life, better not blow it on some rando charging rock-bottom. Sounds like the thinning and recession has just begun, so I’d recommend you hold off until you know what you’re dealing with long-term, especially if you might toy with your hormones again in the future. Also, if you’re on gear and taking anti-estrogens, be aware that low estrogen is also very bad for your hair.

You look young and healthy. I strongly recommend that you abstain from chemicals and cosmetic surgery and focus on your future. Coming here was a good choice. Good luck, sir.

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You have a good amount of hair, considering your aas use. If you're in the UK, definitely check out Dr. Reddy and Dr. Farjo, I would also suggest taking a look at the Belgian surgeons such as Dr. Bisanga and Dr. Feriduni. You're not a difficult case, donor looks strong, good age to hair loss ratio. Have you stopped using aas? You may be spinning your wheels if you still plan to cycle (no pun inended).

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You're almost at the point of just trying a solid 6-12 months of finasteride and minoxidil alone. You have an excellent head of hair and I just wouldn't risk what you have now by choosing Turkey. I would be choosing a surgeon (as this is surgery) that has a solid history of turning out excellent results with the main feature of these being 'naturalness.' I agree with everything Melvin has said and Dr Bisanga is an excellent surgeon from what I have seen. All the best!

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