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Hi all, hope everyone is ok during this time ..

Just wondering for those that have experienced hair loss due to stress,

- How long did it take you to recover (i.e. months to years)?

- Did you recover at all? 

- And is there a way to tell whether your hair loss is due to stress or MPB?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey. So, speaking from personal experience, I have only experienced one occasion where I can confidently assert that stress (more a case of intense anxiety for me) triggered excessive hair shedding (which lasted for 6 months). It followed the cycle that telogen effluvium usually does (shedding starts 2/3 months after stressful event, etc.). I was already experiencing MPB before that so I would say that it definitely made things worse in a short period of time. Shedding does not necessarily mean MPB, but in my case my MPB was worsened by anxiety-induced shedding. That being said, I have noticed some improvements since I stopped the excessive shedding period (this stopped around December 2019), but nowhere near how it was before. Perhaps by the end of the year I'll be able to report more improvements but I'm not expecting it.

I don't think I know enough to answer the last question but I hope my reply has been of somewhat use!

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