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ive been noticing this spot for a long time now, maybe like 6 months now. i have also combed my hair and kind of parted it near the scalp for these pictures so my whorl looks natural. im really worried about this and i would appreciate if someone replies to this asap. is this a natural whorl or do i need to worry about hair loss now? and what treatments would u suggest? i havent felt any loss of density and neither does my hair fall out so much. when i run my fingers through my hair, usually none to very few hairs appear. i shampoo and condition as needed and i take care of my hair too ( combing ), i dont use hair gels or style my hair. i keep it loose and free and whatever way my hair ends up in. and my hair naturally grows fast and thick. majority of my family has mbp, except a few. my mom's dad and my dad both have mbp. please guys im losing my mind over this. is this just because of the lighting that it looks so apparent? i know i shouldnt stress over this too much because it can worsen it, but i need some assurance. and its lockdown so there are no doctors around. 




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I wouldn't be too concerned at this moment, it does appear to be a natural whorl, but keep track of your hair, and if you notice some loss when your hair is wet, then consider getting on treatment such as finasteride and minoxidil.

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