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Original Test Transplant Info

I had a smaller test transplant with Dr Konior a couple years ago that went well and scheduled a larger surgery (approx. 1500 grafts for this spring).

My surgery was scheduled for March 31st. Dr K and his staff was amazing and kept office traffic to an absolute bear minimum due to the whole COVID epidemic. They also drove me to my hotel afterward so that I didn't have to have anyone come pick me up and spent some time checking everything out and cleaning it the next morning. They have always been extremely easy to talk to, made sure pain was manageable at all times, and continued to follow up with me in the days after surgery.


I did get a ton of swelling on day 1 and especially day 2 but by 4 it was down. I experienced almost no paint or discomfort on the front of my head but the scar area was very painful for a few weeks, definitely worse prior to stitches being removed.


All hair has now shed and I'm starting to see a few itty bitty hairs peeking through, I cannot wait to see how it ends up progressing!


day 0 front.jpg

day 0.jpg

day 2 back.jpg

day 2.jpg

day 4.jpg

day 5.jpg

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It looks very good, and good job for doing a test first. Eager to see your results flourish. Thank you for creating this thread, there’s definitely not enough women who post here. You will help so many other women suffering with hair loss 🙏🏼

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I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

My Hair Transplant Journey

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Very important thread. A very tough condition to face as a 30 year old woman.

Looking forward to following your journey, please keep us updated.

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Did the doctors or biopsy results say what kind of scarring alopecia you experienced?

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