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10 minutes ago, HisHairness said:

Thank you both @JohnAC71 and @Spidey. perhaps I am being too harsh of a critic. One thing to note is that before my operation I was walking around with my hair combed back and very few people could tell I was thinning. My pre-op photos are really accentuated to show the degree of my thinning - I haven't really taken the same photos here (where I explicitly pull the hair to show weaknesses).

nonetheless it is good to hear positive results from you guys - thanks!! :)

Also remember your mid scalp was untouched as well and that area probably continued to thin after the procedure. The areas that were addressed like the crown and forelock/hairline looks good. Rmbr that ht isn't in supposed to look give u back the density in u had ore hairloss. But the illusion that you have a whole head of hair. And by the frontal picture u took of the mirror , it looks solid. 

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Jumping the gun there. Slow growers can happen. No need add undue stress on the guy. If it was 12 months post then I might agree with you.

Mate as the OP has said can you try and stay positive for now, because I think he looks good and this could turn out well yet. You aren't helping anyone with this negativity.

this is why we don’t panic and allow a full year. this looks great

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In my opinion, you couldn’t ask for more, it’s definitely a success. You had a few wisps before, now you’ve got a solid hairline and the crown no doubt looks 100x better. 

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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Some before pictures with the hairstyle in question would probably help, but in my opinion this looks like a win. Aesthetic hairline, good crown coverage, and probably grafts to spare if you decide you need to hit that mid scalp area.

Obviously you are the only one who can determine if your satisfaction levels balance against the monetary cost and hassle of recovering from the surgery, but I would not be surprised if that satisfaction level rises as you see other guys around you dealing with hair loss and wondering why your hairline isn't budging. 

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On 1/7/2021 at 8:53 PM, kramer79 said:

Did you consider Wong after Hasson only offered you FUE? Did you inquire if Hasson would perform FUT on you?

I asked him why only FUE and got some fuzzy explanation.

I didnt consider Wong since Hasson is the one whom I reviewed his cases and liked his work, especially hairlines.  So after I ruled him out I had other options which are much closer to me, since I live in the middle east, and there are really good surgeons in europe, especially for FUE.

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