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Dr Bhatti explains away Finasteride Phobia and Testosterone Levels

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Dear all,

Its always a hot topic, Finasteride use and whether pre and post op hair transplant patients should take it.

In the following video Dr Bhatti uses his expertise to explain away the phobias associated with Finasteride use and explains in detail the relationship with Testosterone levels.

Again, a must see for so many of you out there.


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I had a testosterone deficiency for a while and I didn’t know how to fix it. I was afraid of the synthetic hormones, because my brother tried them and had massive side effects. I didn’t want to risk and ruin my already feeble health. I complained about my problems to my doctor and he recommended me to try Testogen, it’s a food supplement, so pretty safe compared to TRT. I’m a hypochondriac, so before taking any medicine I do my own research, so I looked up: Testogen scam or legal. Turned out it was a compilation of vitamins and herbs that are scientifically proven to raise testosterone levels in men. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try and bought my first bottle. Let me tell you, my life improved significantly! My libido skyrocketed, I felt stronger and more focused. Can’t recommend it enough.

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