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Some questions about hair systems

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Hello to everyone, I see hair systems as the ultimate choice for people who are dealing with MPB, if their situation is too compromised for an hair traslpant or medical treatment doesn't work/gives side effects

I'd like to know some informations about them. Excuse me if some questions are stupid:

1)How much they costs in six months?

2)How long can you keep them on your head without reapply them?

3)Can you wash your hair system during a shower?

4)Can you go to the beach/swimming pool with them?

5)If someone runs their hand through your hair, can they notice it's an hair system?

6)Can you DIY by the first application without going to a salon?

7)When hairs on the sides grow, do you go to a barber with you hair system on?

8)How do you deal with the idea that hair systems are not your real hair? 

9)If someone pulls your hairs strongly, does it rip off?

10)Do you tell people/girl that you wear an hair system?

11)Would you prefer an hair trasplant if you could get it?


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1) $400 for good quality - depends where you are in the world

2) 2 to 3-weeks

3) yes

4) yes

5) depends

6) yes - I did

7) yes

😎 its a personal matter - but Im very happy and regret not doing it sooner

9) It shouldn't if done correctly.

10) Depends - not unless in long relationship

11) No-risks to a HT

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your experience! Where do you buy your hair system? How much time a single hair system lasts?

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For last few years online



I get them shipped even if Im outside the UK working.

Reasonable price and good quality


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Have you considered SMP?

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

My Hair Transplant Journey

Melvin- Associate Publisher and Forum Moderator for the Hair Transplant Network, the Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center, and the Hair Loss Q&A Blog.

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16 hours ago, Melvin-Moderator said:

Have you considered SMP?

Yes, but I look bad shaved... If needed I think I'll go with an hair system 

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Hey mate, I also had the same questions when I was about to purchase my very first hair system. Since I’ve been using hairpieces for more than 2 years now, I think I can I can answer most of your questions:


  • The price of the hair system actually depends on its type and quality. Custom hair systems are more expensive than stock. I purchase French lace hair systems most of the time. One hairpiece from Lordhair (my current supplier) costs $189 but since I buy multiple units, I get one at $170. So, in 6 months, they cost me around $500
  • It depends on the type of base & hair material. If you don’t live in a hot region, you can wear one for a week with ease. If it rains fire in your town, then, maybe a couple of days only. 
  • Of course, you can wash your hair system while taking a shower. I also swim while having it on my head. 
  • Guess you got the answer to this from the third point mate. 
  • Well, it depends on which company you brought your hair system from. In my case, the full French lace hair system I purchased from Lordhair has bleach knots that give the appearance of hair coming out of my scalp.  
  • Yup, you can! However, I would recommend you to hit a salon as it is way easier that way.
  • Yes, I often do that. 
  • Umm... I never felt bad about the fact that hair system strands are not my real ones. I guess I got the hang of it eventually. I mean we wear nice clothes to look good. Look at hair systems the same way.
  • No, not in my case. But it will if you brought a cheap hair system with poor quality. 
  • Okay… Look buddy, it all depends if your partner is ready to cope up with your hair loss situation. My GF was the one who gave me the idea of using a hairpiece. I don’t want to discuss my personal life but I’ll say one thing: do let your partner know that you wear a hair system. Trust me, it will help you a lot. 
  • Never ever in million years would I go with the idea of getting a hair transplant surgery. I’m aware of its side effects and it was my very first idea to overcome hair loss. Not worth the risk I feel.


Hope, you got all the answers to your questions. In the end, I would recommend you to buy a top-notch hair system from a good supplier. Here are the folks I buy from.  



Good luck with your first hair system buddy! 


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