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Is hair transplant in future possible after using glue to fix hair patch

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I'm 27 year old. I have done finasteride, minoxidil ,PRP treatments.......but couldn't stop hairloss from progressing. My density in donor area is also not that great. So I'm planning for glueing hair patch to my scalp


Will it damage my scalp so that future hair transplant is not possible.








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Sorry to hear of your issues.


Glue can cause issues to the skin and especially long term usage. Aside from that wearing as hair piece and then transitioning to surgery is not that easy. A hair system gives a full coverage and hair line in a position that surgery won't give, especially for advanced loss and if your donor is not that good. So, it can put you in a very hard position to then transition to surgery, remove the hair system and keeping it off while you heal and then eventually being happy with surgery.I have not seen many guys go through with it due to the challenges and limitations of their donor compared to what a system can give.


You need to see how you react to the glue used and ask about the long term usage and how it will effect your scalp before committing to it.


All be best!



I represent Dr. Bisanga.


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Hair glue has side effects on your skin only if you buy a cheap one made of low quality materials. I have been using high quality glue for my hair system and never experienced anything bad. You just have to maintain proper hygiene and you will be fine. Trust me: Been there, done that. Here’s the tape I’m buying right now:


Looks like you are keeping hair transplant as an option. If you ask me, its side effects are way worse than that of a glue. My cousin has faced its consequences and can tell you that it’s a freaking nightmare! Hair systems are way safer in comparison and also affordable in a way.

I’ve been wearing Lordhair’s French lace hair piece for 9 months now and have faced no problems with it. It’s a pretty solid hair system with good lifespan, comfort, and breathing.

Hope my answer helped you out! 

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