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Emotional Impact of Hair loss in an Instagram world!

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Hair loss has always been far deeper than just the physical impact, it has massive emotional implications and we see that throughout history also, and even for the rich and famous, it has brought many self-esteem and confidence issues and even depression. But, now more so than at any other time in history we all have access to camera phones and media videos that show us a constant stream of beauty, wealth and success! This for sure creates insecurity for the hair loss sufferers. Unlike the past however there are options now to address hair loss, be it with medication or surgery or various other hairloss treatments out there that were not available to past generations. We hope this video will help you see that you are not alone in your struggle, and please feel free to contact us for professional advice regarding your options. Thanks for watching!


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You hit the nail on the head with this video. I've been struggling to put to words what hair loss from a young age did to me emotionally, and found myself relating to your words. Thank you!

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Yes, experience has been my teacher plus the many whom I have met and dealt with over the years..  I hope this can help some not feel alone and have had almost word for word the same reply to my WhatsApp as you have written here from others.

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