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How does a second FUE in the same area work?

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7 months, quick update. Not a huge change, mostly just hairs maturing and getting longer. Still lacking in density due to low number of grafts inserted in frontal third. It doesn't bother me though because I know it's only temporary.

This thread started as a question but kinda became a patient review, sorry about that admins. After this update I'll probably hold off for a while then start a new thread for op 2. Stay tuned.






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Posted (edited)

Hi Rob,

Would you be able to go to the clinic and have them do a hair/graft count? Then you would be able to get a true percentage value for your yield, and get a good idea if the number of grafts initially planned were adequate or not.

I would, unfortunately, not expect a high yield number from them if they were to do this analysis, but from pictures on the internet, and without a microscope, it's of course just a guess.

If you can get this information and inform us of the results, I think it would be quite useful in helping to access the situation. For one, if they tell you the yield is low, that would help you narrow down the list of reasons why:

a) either something in your hair characteristics or physiology is not ideal for hair transplantation 

or b) the clinic did not do a good job with the procedure, either with post-extraction graft care, the extractions themselves, or other elements.

If I was in your shoes I would certainly want to know this information before taking the plunge with another surgery. 

As an aside, I think your hairline is fine and would not lower it personally. You just have quite a naturally high forehead. I would focus any future procedures on adding density, after you get more information about your first transplant.

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Yeah, it's thin but you weren't butchered, so count your blessings.  The hair is also a little damp (or is it product?) in the pics, so that can clump the hairs together to make it look thinner.  Either way you definitely will need another pass... H&W, Rahal, etc.  My first procedure was a downer too, but thankfully I didn't go back to my first doc.    

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2200 graft in that large of an area and light hair is definitely not going to give density you hoping for. Don’t worry it does not look like poor growth but just not enough work done. You obviously will need a second pass but I think is normal for many people. 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your tips and words guys. I'm actually not bummed - I'm a generally chipper guy haha. I've been balding since I was 16 so any hair at all is incredibly exciting to me.

Asterix - Not a bad idea! It's totally not scientific but when I look back at pre-op and compare it to now the yield actually looks good. Unfortunately the clinic I went to is not that professional (hindsight is 20/20) so in regards to your idea I am almost 100% confident they don't offer that service and would probably just try to sell me on a second surgery. Honestly in terms of where I'm at I want to avoid them entirely.

I appreciate your input on the hairline too. That's something I'm still mulling over, along with the idea of getting temples done (you can see the outline of them). Dr. Arika of Eugenix supported the idea of lowering it very slightly (a couple mm) and was confident she could thicken up the density of my entire head at the same time. Eugenix has also done some fantastic temple work recently which is really fascinating to me.

Aaron/Guy - Agree with both of you 100%. I'm lucky that Dr. Rahal is around the corner, in addition to the slew of amazing international doctors I've learned about from this site. As lame as it sounds I'm really excited to start having consultations 😂.

Thanks for the words!

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Hey Rob, managed to find it!

Looking forward to following this. I actually think you're going to find it thickens up a lot more over the next few months!

Hairline is higher than I'd personally like but I also got a reasonably mature hairline in my surgery so time will tell with me too.

Best of luck mate.

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On 4/26/2020 at 2:30 PM, rob7331 said:

Hi there. New member, excited to be here. I post on Hair Loss Talk from time to time.

I'm approaching 5 months after a ~2200 FUE to my frontal third from a lesser known clinic in the Toronto area. I made the plunge after meeting a colleague in person who went to the same clinic and seeing his results.

I'm disheartened to say the density so far is lacking. I had suspicions from day 1 as the grafts seemed a little spaced apart compared to other results. Now that I'm halfway through I think it's pretty much confirmed my transplant won't be that great.

I'll likely be looking at a second procedure after 12 months, maybe with Dr. Rahal. People on other forums have mentioned a "top up" is possible, where they fill in a transplant and make it more dense. Can somebody describe to me how exactly that works? Wouldn't incisions run the risk of damaging nearby transplanted grafts?

Thanks in advance. The pics are today at almost 5 months, at 4 months, and pre and post-op.








From looking at your pictures, we have a similar hairloss. https://imgur.com/a/EITfvxC
So don’t worry you will be just fine in the end. Rome wasn’t build in a day. Lol 

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