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finasteride vs dutasteride 4/7 days a week

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Hi All little explanation.

I was on finasteride for around a year with what i believed to be few results. My hair was completely shaved off so its hard to tell how much progress I had. 

I switched to dutasteride and began to regrow out my hair. I think i had some good gains while on fin but nothing to go crazy over, mostly just the thickening of preexisting hair.

However i started taking dut and had watery semen. I than switched to 4 times a week and it stopped. I haven't returned to once daily since. 


Im wondering which is better at blocking DHT, Finasteride every day or dutasteride 4 times a week? 


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Hi Wicky. From posts on here over time I would say dutasteride four times a week is excessive as long term side effects are not known. Personally I take finasteride 0.5mg six days a week with dutasteride on the seventh day. 

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Hi. How long have you been on Dutasteride? I had watery semen in my first month of Finasteride, then it went away. It could be the same.

However, I agree with @longjonsilver: long term side effect of Dutasteride aren't know. Please talk to a dermatologist 

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