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Body Hair Usage, Some Things You Should Know!

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Thanks SL. In my case, I do have good strong chest hair, but a greater abundance of good strong terminal hairs on my abdomen.

My estimate of the survival rates comes from reading a lot of studies on BHT. They all give different percentages of survival, but stomach is usually lower survival rate than chest. As for back hair, Dr. Umar wrote “the author noted a relatively higher
graft transection and trauma rate during extractions of hairs from the back regions of the torso. This is attributed to the fact that the reticular dermal layer in the region is the thickest of all body regions; for this reason, back hairs should be routinely avoided in BHT.”

I have so many of these body hairs, and I hate them, because these days women like a man with a smooth body. I can clip the ones on the front with a clipper, but I have to go to a barber to cut the back hairs, which can be embarrassing. I live in SE Asia, and Asians don't have any upper body hair, so I really look like a monkey to them.

So I figured, well, if I can transplant them to my head, that would be a great solution, and no need to constantly clip or contempate laser hair removal.

But if the survival rate is low, transplanting them is a waste of money.

I'm fascinated that your transected chest hairs grew back. Did the transected hair also grow on your scalp? Were all 300 of your test grafts transected? And how many of them grew back? Seems like someone should investigate this as it might be a way to multiply donor hairs if you can systematize a way to transect them correctly.

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On 5/15/2020 at 1:02 AM, BeHappy said:


I had lots of thick chest hair, but most of that has already been used in prior body hair FUEs. You can see they shaved my entire chest for this session, but it turned out that there wasn't really much good grafts left to take, so we decided to try going down lower where we hadn't touched yet. The grafts came out easy, so we plan to do another session on the rest of the stomach area in the future.

Interesting that the grafts came out easy. Had your doctor used abdomen hair before or was this his first time? He didn't have any issue with the jelly-like nature of the abdomen making it harder to punch?

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Posted (edited)

I live in SE Asia, and Asians don't have any upper body hair, so I really look like a monkey to them. ..That made me laugh, and yes I am sure it is not the norm for them.

In  my case in essence you are not multiplying,  if you split a double into two singles, and the single stays in the donor and a single grows it is just splitting the unit. Mine was not intentional back then in the day and not working in the industry then I didn't give it much thought other than I noticed them growing back from source and as a laymen could see then that the FU  in my chest had healed to give growth again and through the exact same spot it was punched in. Whatever they pulled out I don't honestly know if they were any good and how many were transplanted.

You are on an interesting concept that is not far from this idea and is a variation on this and is a mouthful to say but it called  "PL-FUT"  or AKA. "Partial longitudinal-follicular unit transplantation". 




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