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I am a 30 years old patient. Already 2 hair transplantation that no work at all. First in 2008 at age of 18 (young and stupid boy) a FUT by a catastrophic practician. He ruined my life with a big scars and a bad result. From this time, my life will be never the same. A second FUE in 2014 with Devroye. He tried to correct my scar but not a  good result. But he had warned me before that the result would no be optimal. Devroye also make a little FUE to try to correct the work of the first butcher. But today, at 30 years old, the baldness has almost win. I would like to shave my head but impossible with the scars. I hesitate to do another and last FUE and maybe try BHT in the scar. I don't know if the donor area is still optimal. It is the last chance of my life because I had very dark ideas because of this shit. What do you think ? I don't want a linear front line but a V like I have now. Just a densification work. It would demand less extract FUE.

Note that I try a SMP treatment.












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It seems the grafts were placed diffusely throughout instead of concentrating them.  You just need a lot more to cover the trees on the forest.  The first thing I would do is have a couple of consultations, particularly to check your elasticity. If you are like a Shar Pei, then all they have to do is re-excise the original scar and transplant whatever number of grafts they're able to harvest.  Given the scar you have, I doubt they'll get much.  The goal, as this time, is to help reduce the scar you have.  This will ultimately allow you to harvest more grafts.

If you elasticity, FUE.  Concentrate the grafts in the most prominent position...the front.  I would then consider SMP and allow your hair to grow a little more to help camouflage the scar.

I'm sorry you're going through this.

What part of the Country are you in?

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Thank you for your answer. I am from Belgium. Yes the most important now is the scar. If it is possible, i think i will ask for FUE or BHT to cover the scar. But not find a lot of patient testimony. 

And see after that what it is possible to do on top of the head. But i fear that it will ask to much graf for the top. And i think i have a poor donor area. Especially if i do FUE on the scar

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