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What Clinic should I go to in Turkey with a $3000 budget please?

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21 hours ago, Portugal25 said:

@MarshallUK if you have answers to those questions then please post them as it will help this member and any other looking for info on the clinic you recommended.

Threads posted by real patients here at HRN are not cherry picked actually they are the complete opposite! Here at HRN you see the good, the bad and the ugly.

The clinic is actually ran by 2 doctors and one is also called edorgen which confused me at 1st and I forget the others name. They use techs like 90% of the other clinics and they got standard fue as far as I know. Now any other details ie who does what, what punch size is up to a potential client to go into detail with them. Also I was not saying this forum cherry pics photos but some members will possibly not show pics they do not like and the forum has no say on that. I am also of the opinion and I think a lot of people would agree with me they would rather see results up close in person rather than a forum pictures to see how good the clinic is. Unfortunately some people dont have unlimited budgets and will always venture towards these type of places so any information available is better than going in blind which people will always do. I do agree with you that in a perfect world we all would go to a top surgeon who does all the procedure themselves and all get top results but this is the real world where top surgeons who charge big money do not always do outstanding jobs and there are many on this forum left underwhelmed after paying £10000 for a treatment. So I will comment when someone is using a limited budget and pushing on with a procedure to say this clinic has done 2 good results I have seen with my own eyes. Would I use them? probably not as fortunately my budget allows me to deal with the more known docs but if I was on a tight budget I definitely would consult with them. Also I think they did a video online for the BBC following a patient off theirs. 

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2 minutes ago, Melvin-Moderator said:


Given your excellent results, i'm surprised you didn't tell him to save some money and go to a quality doctor like you, it makes all the difference in the world.

Thanks Melvin I actually did pal but they went their own way, everyone to their own choices. I think I was more concerned about a doctor taking ownership of their job and wanting a great result and dr b and hilde definitely do that. It would be great if everyone actually found forums like these before committing to a ht and using people's experiences wisely. 

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Hey I'm surprised that you've decided that you'd want to go to a different clinic than Esteworld where you got your first one done? You think they didn't do a good job? That's where I got mine done also, I think it's alright... well, maybe too early for me to tell yet

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