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1 hour ago, Melvin-Moderator said:

Looks better, do you have any smp results combined with surgery. I myself was interested in using smp, as a somewhat more permanent concealer.

After 6 months pass from my HT, I was also thinking about getting SMP, to conceal the scalp.

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9 hours ago, Thisisnotatest333 said:

even buzzcuts have the 3D look which scalp tattoos dont. The youtuber Fouseytube did one too and it just didnt look natural. Different folks different strokes

Fouseytube’s previous one was natural looking, then he got one that looked terrible by having greed. Then his repaired one is so so.  

hairthere, fantastic natural lookin work!  My one things is- when i age, and Get grey hairs covering my scalp how will it look?  Do you have any result on person that sprouts grey hair?  Thanks

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Firstly, I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during this crazy time.....


Sean, Thanks for the nice words. Yes I agree Fousey's first treatment looked good then he got botched. I'll be sure to start a grey hair thread of examples this week for you.

Thisisnotatest, Thanks for the comment. I usually recommend clients go with either a zero guard on a clipper (the Wahl peanut or And is T Outliner for example),  or use a Foil Shaver (The Babyliss FX is incredible), because when the surrounding native hair has some length it does give away the illusion of SMP. That being said, some clients do let it grow in a few days and while not as seamless, still looks quite good and I doubt the average Joe would notice. I can also also create a thread of clients going for more of the buzzcut look. And trust me, I know SMP isn't perfect. Neither are hair transplants for that matter (I fix TONS of unnatural ones with horrific scarring). The best solution for hairloss is to not lose your hair! I also believe that once hair cloning becomes viable it will change the game.

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