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Three Common Issues That Are Normal After A Hair Transplant

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I decided to make this video, because these are common questions on the forum. I'm thinking I may make this a sticky.


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Thanks for the video these problem also come to my uncle, and he loss with in 3 month but after that the new hair are grown and he will take the breath of relax, and after when the new hairs are coming. This is an interesting video and i came to learn the new things.

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Great video @Melvin-Moderator

Some good and important points discussed. Thanks for that.

An important point also whilst not time specific is that you may not have growth at 4 months and may not have 60-80% at 5 months. Those percentages have no particular relevance but what is far more prevalent now in an age of demanding instant gratification is a lack of patience. Im a patient myself, I completely understand that everybody ideally wants to be an early grower, but the term early grower is coined because early growers grow earlier than the average patient. 

With social media marketing showing amazing early growth in some patients, which could well be completely honest, accurate and transparent (but in many cases also perhaps not), very early growth is not the norm for most patients, and despite being clear on this pre surgery, guys can really begin to panic in those early months if they are not amongst the earliest and fastest growers.

Average and slower growth is okay. Again, whilst we all want to be early growers, the motivation for surgery was the final result. Not the result at 4 months, or 8 months, but the result the patient achieves between 12 - 15 months. This extra anxiety can be a real problem for individuals who may already be lacking in self confidence. 

Trust the process, remain in constant correspondence with your clinic and stay patient.

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