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An interesting method of creating a natural hairline... thoughts?

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Hello everyone,

I am a little bit paranoid about the naturalness of my transplanted hairline. Even though they used single hairs on the hairline, and probably the finest hairs I had, it still has a slightly pluggy appearance. I think this is because I have black hair on white skin. I found a very interesting article from South Korea, in which they used laser hair removal (but not completely remove) on females with transplanted hairlines to soften them up and make them look more natural. If you look at the before and after picture in this article it is quite incredible.


As you may know, laser hair removal is done by reducing the pigment and size of the hair follicle and it requires sometimes up to 8 sessions to completely get rid of the hair. These guys did 2-3 sessions so that they didn't remove the transplanted hair but made it thinner, I think it looks amazing and I would like to try it. If the worse case scenario happens and it completely removes the hair instead of making it thinner, then I'm okay with that too because I do think my new hairline is a little bit low for my liking. 

My question is, does anyone know of a case done by a man and can give me some examples? Or has this not been done before?

My other concern is this,  I shaved a very small section of my hairline to see what is looks like underneath. I was surprised to find it's still pink at 4 months, does anyone know when this goes? Also, there are very small little bumps, it's not cobblestoning, more subtle but still visible, I think the term is tenting but even then it's not as extreme as the examples if you google that term. If I did laser removal on a bit of the hairline, would the pinkness and bumps show up? Could these also be fixed by laser? 

I will be consulting with a laser specialist soon but wanted to know your thoughts.



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I would never be able to notice the difference. Nobody cares or looks at your hair as closely as you do. 

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Here is a repair case where Dr. Cooley used electrolysis:


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