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Hi everyone,

My name is Aditya and i got my hair transplant at Eugenix mumbai on 7th march 2020 with Dr Arika Bansal and Dr Priyadarshani. I have been losing hair since the last 6 years and i used to hide it by using hair fibers until it got so bad that I could not hide it enough with the fiber. My family and I were always against having a surgery as we were really scared and we had also heard that the sugery is extremely painful. We had also read a few articles about the deaths which were caused due to the hair transplant surgery and hence I had decided I would never opt for it and therefore I decided to try a hair patch as I saw few videos on youtube and they looked very natural . After i got my hair patch it looked really good and i thought this was the end of my  baldness. I was really happy and no one around me could tell that i was wearing a patch. The problem started after 2-3 days when the patch would get excessively dry as one can't wash it everyday. It would itch a lot and within 7-8 days I would have to go back to the salon to get it fixed as the lace of the hair patch would start showing up or the glue fron the front would wear off and this was the most frustrating part of wearing a  patch and it also  really affected my self confidence as i was extremely worried that others would findout that I am wearing a hair patch . Even when i would meet my friends my body language would completely change, I would keep avoiding eye contact with them as i was really scared of them finding out. Finally after around 2 months when i was back at the salon to fix my hair patch, i told one of the technicians who handles the maintenance of the patch that my life has really become hell after wearing this patch and I was much happier without it and I would like to shave my head off instead of wearing this patch . I also told him how skeptical I have always been about a surgery. He told me to check out Eugenix and he assured me that it would change my life. I came home and quickly started researching it and I was pleasantly surprised to see the results. Still i thought that I cannnot trust the images shown on the website but since I was so desperate to have my hair back I thought i should at least go for a consultation. I went there with my wife and my family and we met Dr Priyadarshani . We told her how scared we were about the surgery . She assured me that Eugenix takes extra precautions before and after the surgery is performed and reassured me that the results would be extraordinary. There were few patients at the clinic who had come for PRP. She made me meet them and I was relieved to the see their results. I would have never known that they have had a hair transplant surgery if she hadn't told me. After talking to a few patients I was convinced that if I am going to have a hair transplant,it has to be at Eugenix. i finally got my hair transplant surgery on 7th march 2020 and they grafted around 3000 grafts. Dr Priyadarshini and Dr bansal were extremely nice and patient with me. They kept checking on me during the surgery if i was ok and if i needed a break as they knew i was super nervous. The surgery did NOT hurt at all. Not even when they injected the anesthesia as they use a vibrator while injecting the anesthesia. I was very comfortable during the surgery and was using my phone during most of the time . The staff at eugenix is also extremely well spoken and polite. Over the next few months I will keep updating my progress here. I am so glad  i chose Eugenix and i cant emphasize enough how talented Dr bansal and Dr priyadarshani are at performing the surgery. They specialise in creating the most natural looking hairline and I am eagerly waiting to see my results in the next few months and i am hoping it would be as good as I am imagining it to be.

I am uploading few pictures of before and after surgery and one which was clicked after a week. 







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Congratulations @Adi5644 on your HT. I was a really big decision for you , well done. I have no doubt the result you will get will change your life.

I had my own HT at Eugenix and with Dr.Arika. Everything you said about Eugenix I can relate to. I have a thread if you wish to check it out for some great tips and aftercare advice that will help.

It's posted on the home page under;

Results posted by Patients


Experience of an Irishman who puts his trust in Dr.Pradeep Seth and Dr. Arika Bansal after 6 years researching.

All the best.



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Best of luck with your results. Postop looks very clean. I'm sure you'll have some good results.

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Man, this coronavirus could really screw up my HT plans this year with Eugenix.


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