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Actually making a retraction of shock-loss statement. What happens when you go through this procedure is natural and probably happens to many. Mindset is important to address- apart from the pics, gro

5 months 1400 fue 

Posted Images

13 hours ago, transplantedphil said:

Some clinics will admittedly implant at half the density knowing full well the patient will be unsatisfied and will only HAVE to return for more surgery with them. My guess would be that's whats happened here.

Please take the advice of other members here and consider another clinic - with the suggestions of Bloxham, Konior and H&W by another member the obvious starting points. 

Can’t prove it, but I strongly suspect this is what happened.

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That’s brutal, clinics will do that. it’s probably a sad truth in the industry. I’m not convinced dr Magdelin would do this, your right Jay I wouldn’t be able to prove it either. 

Crazy world we live in. You would think doing a great job would give you a client for life.  

I think it’s worth getting a second opinion and setting up a consultation. 


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H & W consultation: 3k grafts would be ideal with my donor area 1500-2000 is all I have.  They mentioned after this procedure my donor area will be minimum if not fully depleted. 

The style they described is similar to how dr. Magdelin described the next phase. 

the price to go to H&W is extremely high. Not realistic for me. 

I will bring up concerns of donor area to dr Magdelin. I will consult someone else too. 

Not sure what to do at this point. 


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Yes I think going with less would probably best. That’s probably what the doctor Magdelin was looking at and noticing. As he suggested 1000 more, and mentioned and additional procedure or two after that. 

HW suggested just FUE.

HW mentioned I should expect improvement with next procedure- yet not enough coverage to avoid seeing scalp in bright light. So lower the expectations. 

I will have to think about what to do. I’m already scheduled for the 26 October to do a smaller 1000. His suggestion is in line with HW in that regard. I think the approach similar too blending and working on front. 

I’ll have another consultation and see if there are any other ideas. 

For now I’m booked for the 26th October 1000 fue Grafts and the roller coaster continues, yay..

hope this story turns into victory. What a journey so far! 


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Dan -- ditch this doctor. I've had 3 transplants over the past 13 years. First one was by a novice, who did 900 grafts back in '07. Although he wasn't an incredible surgeon, those 900 looked better at 6 months than your 1400 does at 6 months. And that was 13 years ago! 

My last two procedures were from Dr. Keene in Tucson. Just completed my third procedure with her 4.5 months ago for 2400 grafts. Will create a thread for you to see the results once I get to 9 months -- but honestly man -- give her a call or email.

After I was unhappy with my 900 grafts back in '07....i started to lose hope.....but took a chance with her......she did 1500 more grafts in 2008.....and it was like a miracle. That lasted 12 years.....and like I said just needed some recent work done...and it's already coming in nicely. 

Don't lose hope man, just go use the best. One life man. 

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Going back to the doc who did this would be a serious mistake even if he paid you!  The donor looks depleted after just 1400 grafts... something went seriously wrong here.  

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In my opinion the donor looks pretty good, the results aren’t what I would expect given the time period. It’s not horrible, but not good either.

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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My Barber is in agreement with you Melvin he says the donor area doesn’t seem that bad. 

I’ll keep updating! 

7 months in. This is after woke up and put 5% minox in. Not surprisingly it makes a difference. After shower it looks better. 

doc did say at the start I would need a second procedure. 

I will post an update soon on what I’m thinking and what I’m going to do








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I had a chance to speak with DrTBarghouthi the other day and ask him for feedback.  Grateful for his expert input and straightforward opinion. 

he took a look at my thread here and gave me his honest opinion. He would have suggested increase in grafts from the start ( over double at least for the hairline plan ) and would have designed the hairline differently ( to straight )  Noted a better result if I had gone with higher hairline.  On the good side he thinks with an increase in density with another procedure it will look good. He thinks the donor area is improved, need to focus on maintenance of it. Not to be hard on myself seeing as results are good for what plan was in place. Dr Barghouthi was fast to respond and his feedback put me at ease it was honest and helpful. Can tell he is a thoughtful, honest doc who cares for people genuinely. 

so here is where I am right now: 

going into the procedure plan was to have two surgeries. I was told by doc not to go low on hairline and helped shape the design. So I take responsibility as well for hairline design. I think it will look better when density increases with another procedure. 

I have heard mixed feedback on the donor area. Melvin, my Barber, and some others say it doesn’t look bad.  Hassan and Wong’s feedback was told me needed a lot more grafts- only go for 1k or a little more to not over harvest Donor area. The plan they described was almost identical to what dr Magdelin mentioned to me.  

I was told by the Dr that 1000 would help the density and blending, though he would recommend more grafts and another procedure after the 1000. This aligns with the feedback I am getting from other consultations and comments on this forum. 

Right now I am still a go for 1000 grafts in just 7 days oct 26

these are shots from my donor area last year. Did as best I could to find some- hair longer in all the donor pics from last year. 











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