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FUE hair transplant. My grafts falling out. Is this normal?

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Hi Hair Restoration community, I had a FUE Hair transplant last month on 27th February. They took 5,000 hairs from  doner area

Fast forward it's been 2 weeks and 4 days since i got my FUE transplant.

My scalp always feels dry. Everytime I rub my head with Fito cream my hair grafts fall out is it normal?

Further info

(My hair washing instructions by clinic)
I have to wash my head 1 day then next dont wash it

1) I have to rub Seba Med moisturizing body lotion on my scalp and leave it their for 30 minutes

2) Then use  DLA Derm intensive care shampoo to wash my head and doner area

3) Final step is to use Fito cream on my Doner area and scalp to keep things not becoming dry

Thank You for reading my post. I would really appreciate if you could answer my questions. God bless




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