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Hello Reader

In continuation to my earlier posts, I would like to take few minutes to share my 'ONE Year Exciting ' hair transplant journey!

I got my Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) surgery done by one of the most experienced doctor, named Dr. Pradeep Sethi from Eugenix Hair Science, Mumbai on 9th March, 2019. It's been  a year now since my surgery was done and as a result I transformed from my old to New LooK! 🙂

You must have seen my earlier pictures on the website (before and after) and if you haven't, I strongly recommend to visit the website and see it. The pictures will tell you the complete story! 

It's well said that person's hair is a portrayal of his or her personality. They create a persona for men and women which they can carry with them all the time throughout their lives! with thin or receding hairline, people may look older than their actual age and with good hair growth elder will look younger!!

Once shouldn't praise himself buy yes, I do get frequent compliments for my look and many times my friends play a quiz with their friends (unknown to me) - Guess his age!! So, all the credit goes to Dr. Pradeep Sethi and his team for the wonderful DHT procedure!

Another thing which I would like to draw your attention is to ; Patient Compliance to the post- operative regime'. Dr .Sethi has prescribed complete regime of hair supplements to be taken orally and applied locally to support and further enhance hair growth. And it is equally important to adhere to it for best and long lasting results! My suggestions to all readers of this post is to follow your respective doctor prescription seriously otherwise you may not get what you are aspiring for!!

Last but not the least, my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sethi and his team for giving ' New Life' to my personality and making me younger!!

I was benefitted from undergoing DHT at Eugenix and hence I thought it will be only appropriate to share the life changing work done by Dr. Pradeep Sethi and to encourage you to try this whenever you confront hair receding or baldness phase....which is difficult to escape!!

Please feel free to contact me on +65 9075 4602, should you need any clarification or further detail on my experience with overall DHT procedure or journey!! 🙂







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I had mine done at Eugenix and im happy with it. 

But this reads like West says like a fake review that has badly used google translator. Why risk undermining the good results and credibility. 

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Agreed. I'm strongly considering Eugenix and they have lots of great results on this forum, so there's really no need to lie or sound ambiguous to prop them up.

Please post some results Mr. Naresh.

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