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3.5 month update, hair growth not as visible on one side

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It has now been 3.5 months, I don’t have much shedding anymore. I realize this is the time my hair does see some new growth and realize this is still very early stages. My concern is one side of my initial problem area is still quite light compared to the other side. I’m not in a huge panic mode but still of course concerned if this is normal, will I see more growth in that area, or I might not have the best resulted transplant. I’m currently taking all my vitamins, taking good care of my hair routine, and have had one PRP session at the end of the 3 month period, will be going back for more at the beginning of the 4th month. I also started working out with high intensity at the 2nd month period. I’ve attached pics and would really appreciate if I could get some prof insight and everyone’s views. Wearing my hair pulled to side to show the difference in growth, I had 3000 grafts put in in the frontal area 55972F07-6CD5-47E6-B96B-E9B97553E583.thumb.jpeg.ac9290f4e73e376ece63b747d6371f62.jpeg5163A974-7496-4682-900B-95831C98189A.thumb.jpeg.f2870700699f2bf575671327e0d02a58.jpeg768DDC85-D5A5-4147-947A-3A194BDF1A60.thumb.jpeg.85ba7be1746a98108e45b9fc0b84b304.jpeg






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It only looks thinner one side because you have brushed it over making the other side look thicker. Far too early to judge at this stage 

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Hair follicles are independent, which means they enter the anagen (growth) phase at different times. It's very common to see one side grow faster than the other. I talk about this in our YouTube video. 


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