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vacationing afterward

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As per the title, I've been wondering if any of the initial ten days of healing would lend themselves to a sight-seeing itinerary, in either the treatment country or its surrounds. That would be excluding say the first 2-3 days, when everything is pretty tender and raw and there are follow up appointments to keep.

The reasons I can think of against would include

  • Less than great sleep during the graft healing phase
  • Limits to what might be worn on the head as sun protection
  • The general appearance if it was a shaved procedure

In the 'reasons for' column, I've got

  • Good 'cover story' if you're preferring not to let most of the people at home know the basis of the travel was for surgery
  • If you're touring solo it's not like any of the people encountered on the road had an expectation of what you normally look like
  • Passes the time during the initial period for subsiding redness
  • I just like visiting scenic places!
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My own personal experience...I was pretty well healed by day 3-4 post my HT and did some careful and cautious sightseeing in Istanbul and brought a long a loose fitting baseball hat that I wore loosely when out and about day 6 and on. The thing the be really careful of is when using taxis or care services and not to accidentally bump your head anywhere or rush to get in and out of vehicles.

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You are going to be pretty beat up after the procedure.  Go straight to the hotel and sleep.  Have the staff given you verbal/written instructions, (you will not remember a thing). Go back to the clinic the next day for a wash.  You'll feel better and it'll be something less to worry about. Travel with a neck pillow so the donor does not touch a surface. Have a cap you can wear.  The staff can show you how to put it on properly, (first front and let it drop in the back with plenty of room in between to avoid dislodging). Take it easy that day.  Return to the clinic next day for another wash.  

Ask the doctor his protocol with regards to sunblock.  7 days should be OK and keep wearing the cap.  At this point there are no restrictions.  Sign up for tours.  They're wonderful. You might even want to visit the largest flea market in the world and learn a thing or two.  These are perhaps the best salesmen I've matched wits with.

Smart to stay away from home... no one will know when you return except, perhaps for the new hair style.  (Are you doing FUE)?

Lastly, wash your hair constantly. Coronavirus seems to be spreading rapidly and you're going to be in areas with a great number of people...and in concentrated areas.

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Wear a very loose fitting hat and don't forget to gently remove it from your head each time.  The top of your head will be numb for many weeks.  I was playing 18 holes of golf by day 6.  My head had healed quickly and nobody really knew.  Guys at the golf club just asked why I cut all my hair off.  Just be careful and cautious but you should be fine.

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I went on a vacation four days after surgery in my last procedure. I wore a loose fitted hat. I was fine. 

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I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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Speaking from my FUE experience, I had my procedure on a Thursday and went out for brunch with friends on Sunday... And was back at work on Tuesday. You probably won't feel like doing much the first 48-72 hours, but after that, as long as you wear a loose fitting hat to cover up your scalp (from the sun and from the public - lol) I think you'll probably feel up for it. If nothing else, it'll take your mind off any discomfort you might happen to feel!

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Thanks everyone. Although current events are necessarily a handbrake on plans, I'll have your collective advice in my back pocket for when things get better.

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