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Just tried the stuff. Yes, it covers. But it also is nasssssty.

1. By the end of the day my fingernails are near black from just regular hair touching.

2. I have to use a bunch of the stuff to get any results (I'm only a Norwood 1.5 in the temples and 3 in the vertex.) At $38 a bottle, not ideal.

3. Clean up. Oh my God. My sink area looks like an oil spill area when I run water around it to clean up.

Are there any products people recommend as an alternative? I don't mean another keratin powder that'll basically do the same thing, I mean some entirely different style of product that perhaps works differently to thicken.

Thanks all!

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You can get cheaper toppik off amazon or ebay much cheaper then the $38 it costs in most stores.

an easier way to apply toppik for minimal wastage is to get the spray pump applicator.


yes, it leaves a mess at the sink and in your nose.  That stuff is terrible when you accidentally breathe it in.  


other products you can try-




and etc


issue is that these cost money and it adds up.   

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For me dermmatch is so much better than toppik, doesnt cause a mess and looks more natural on the hairline

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I have been combining dermmatch and toppik in combination. I find that combining both is better than using just one.

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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Old topic I know, but I've had good luck using Dermmatch in my thinning crown area. I actually rub the disc directly on the crown area and brush through it gently, and it seems to work great for me (lean over the sink if you try using it this way, as the dry powder can go everywhere just like it does for fibers). This method might not work for everyone, but fortunately I have enough hair left in the crown to pull it off.

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