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10.02.20 Koray(Asmed) 1200 grafts touch up

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6 hours ago, Hairgod said:

WTF are you going on about man.

I asked Angel to post a new face on pic to show how the hairline frames his face.

You are reading this all wrong my friend.

You have been complaining about lack of density for the past 12 months isnt that negative and the 50 others who have come and gone who have complained about asmed.

It's not all roses when we have cowboy surgeons and cowboy clinics in todays world.

You should be thankful for this forum for not derailing you 

Guys do not argue please. I agree that we need to speak up for good and bad clinics.  Hence this kind of forum. We invest our big amount of ££€€$$ and the most important grafts in someone's hand. Let's choose wisely.  We need to give feedback to every result. There is too many clinics in the world and just some are worthy to give a try. We need to talk about it very loud do not pretend that everything and everywhere is cool.

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you messaged me asking to delete your account, now it seems that you’re only here to stir trouble. Shape up, or I’ll grant your wish. We’re not here to joke, we’re here to support, and get real unbiased information. This will be my only and last warning.

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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On 8/21/2020 at 1:32 PM, Vpac said:

Any update?

Will be final update after 12 months.

So far its much better than last update and still improving! Do not want to judge yet but fingers crossed for even better. Weird that in my case improvement starts(after 1st ht was the same) 6-8 or even 9 month was the most important period of time. 

On 8/22/2020 at 6:26 PM, stephcurry30 said:

I can see why OP wanted a free touch up. I hope this turns out for the best! 

What is OP??

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OP means original poster, it would be you in this case.

Angel, did you ask the doctor following questions before the second operation:

- Why did the first HT go wrong? What was the cause of low yield (max 50%)

- What will you do differently in the second operation so I don’t get similar yield?

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13 hours ago, AngelOnTheEarth said:

Yes did ask. He said that was using different tool. Do not remember exactly which one but said that did not work out and now he is fixing that mistake to people. 

Different tool to extract or implant?

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