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Bad result + experience with HAIRMEDICO dr. Arslan Musbeh - FUE (photos)

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First i would like to say that i have no bad intension with posting this article. I would just like to show my experience & result of my hair transplant. I hope i can help those who are still deciding whether to go through this procedure, which clinic/doctor to choose,…

Little bit about myself: 30y old, male, coming from EU. Dealing with hairloss for about 3 years now – on BIG 3. Healthy lifestyle.Right now i am 10 months after FUE – result haven't changed since i was at 7 months's mark so i think this is final result. As NW3 i wanted to restore temples and hairline.


About HAIRMEDICO - Istanbul: Reasons I decided to choose this ''clinic'':

-          Doctor's 14 years experience (highly doubt this info which i found on their web page is realistic),

-          They promise that doctor does all/most of the work (there were 2 techicians that did most of the work; one of them was a total beginner. Didn't even know how to wash my hair after procedure.),

-          HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER ( well at least they advertise it like that. In reality they just rent a room in some center where all other plastic surgeries are done),

-          They estimated transplantation of around 2000-2500 grafts for reasonable price (they actually only transplanted around 800-1000 grafts),

-          Higher class acomodation (when i already booked a flight they send me a message that this hotel is already ful. Then i got a cheap room in an old hotel).


I'd like to apologise because my photos are pretty bad but still i think they're good enough to see the result of the procedure. I have to say i am very disappointed  with that result and specialy with the service of this ''clinic''. Maybe a month ago i contacted them and sent photos but the contact person just said that she will inform doctor about it. I didn't get any reply from her.

I think it's pretty sad how some people treat their customers. It took me a lot of time to arange everything, i had to take 3 weeks off, spend a lot of money and time and now i can't get rid of this feeling of being totaly scamed/ripped off.  Sadly i will have to give more money and ever worse – time to repair the damage this clinic has done to me.

Personaly i would not recommend this clinic/dr. to anyone. But once again i would like to emphasize that this is just my experience. And maybe my fault of choosing the ''wrong'' clinic.

If anyone has any question please fell free to ask.


PHOTOS: Photo collage is before HT. All other photos are cca. 9-10 months after FUE procedure.







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I feel for you. Your experience sounds very disappointing and the photos are evidence of this.

Moving forward, may I ask where you are based?

I would suggest that it was actually a good thing that this clinic did not use 2000 - 2500 of your grafts. Now you still have a good amount of donor grafts in reserve.

I would suggest that a respected and ethical Doctor can repair this for you with great results.

I do not know this clinic, but this is just yet another example of a low standard clinic that should not be able to offer hair restoration surgery. You can not believe anything that is written on their websites. Its shocking. Research is a must!!!!!!


Patient Advisor for BHR Clinic Athens - Greece

ian@drchristianbisanga.com  -  WhatsApp - + 34 642 37 03 83 

I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own.

My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Rahal

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Do you have any pictures immediately after surgery/with scabs to give an idea on density of implants? As above, loads of native hair left to fix it!

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@Linesman12 Unfortunately you are not the only one who has happened to us, unfortunately in Turkey there are many pseudo clinics that make you believe you are, but only a few are authentic, in many cases they rent the operating rooms in the big hospitals of Istanbul, looking for their sites  Web and make you believe that the clinic is owned by them, so they have young trainees or taxi drivers or waiters who do the procedure.

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