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Planning for long term success

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Hi everyone, I’m new here.  I’m scheduled for my first hair transplant in May 2020.  I’m really nervous.  I will be having some ongoing questions coming up here and really appreciate and value everyone’s support and opinions.

i was wondering why some people only get hair transplants to fill in certain areas such as the temples or the top left and right areas of the forehead for example.  As the person ages and the hair continues to recede, won’t this person be left with unnatural results with transplanted hair in some regions and no hair in others that have receeded?  Why do surgeons even perform these type of procedures?  



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Not really sure what you’re asking but I’ll take a guess. R u asking y doctors don’t fill in areas preemptively? That makes no sense to fill in areas with good density especially if the patient is medicated long term. We don’t know what their final pattern will be. Secondly, if you go into sn area with good native density and just begin implanting, you can kill off good hairs while implanting follicles aka collateral damage.

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This is why management of the donor is so important...we all continue to progress with more loss and as those areas continue to show loss, we go back for subsequent procedures.


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