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My SMP before and after, thoughts and plans for the future.

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Hello everyone, 

I started to use this forum few months ago when I was looking for a solution to my hair loss and now i have to share my progress.

I am an Italian dude, I started to lose my hair when i was 21 more or less,  i wasn't that much bothered about it, then it  started to be really noticeable at 22, I tried Finasteride, RU, CB0301 and almost any sort of vitamins/supplement you can find on the internet, unfortunatly i got sides with Fin and antiandrogens in general, vitamins didn't worked as well as any supplement i've tried....

In June 2018 I started 5% Minoxidil twice a day, it was working so well that i regrow almost all my hair back, then, the effects, however, lasted  for 6 - 8 months and after 8 months i was already at baseline again, my dad is a NW5 at 52 y o, my grandpa instead was bald at 25,  I think i'll probably be a NW6-NW7 before 30 too...

Anyway, after months and months of research, i realized that Hair transplants aren't a viable solution for me as i'm young (24 now) and my hair genetics sucks :( 

Of course my confidence went down a lot, i've been so stressed out that I started to avoid social interactions, trying to pick up girls and on top of that  i had a sense of inferiority, because i felt like i had something less than others... The alopecia progressed and I decided i needed to stop blaming my genetics and that i had to do something because i wasn't living anymore, i was just surviving, waiting to die.

I started to browse the internet looking for alternative solutions other than HTs and i thought that maybe a SMP +  Low density FUE could have been a great solution.

In this forum i saw diffent pictures of different SMP Practitioners, I saw some great and natural results from a studio close to my city, I'm talking about Men's Ink Tricopigmentation.

I contacted them, they have great prices, amazing natural results on their Instagram page and the girl i talked with (Debora Cetrulo) was kind and  honest about the expectations I could have had and also her thoughts on my situation, I decided to book my first session in November.

My expectations were that even with SMP, i wouldn't have been able to accept my situation and  I was even scared that someone could spot my tatto.

This has been far from the truth, the SMP looks AMAZING, it's so realistic that i can't even tell where my native hair begins, most people ask me why I decided to shave my head as a fullhead :D

Confidence went up a lot and I finally feel happy about myself and i started to live my life again...

I found them thru this forum so i wanted to share my progress and thoughts with you... If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me whatever you want!

Here's the pics, here's 2 weeks worth of growth


Here's instead is 1 day after shaving with the clipper, as you can see i had diffuse thinning on top with a NW3- NW4 pattern and some vertex balding



Then here's the after



In my opinion this is one of the best results i saw online, for now i'm super happy, I'm just worried for the future as i love this look with 2-3 days worth of growth as it has the 3D effects and it is dark enough to fool people into believing that i still have all my native hair, so this is why i think my fight against hair loss is not ended yet, i think i'll undergo a low density hair transplant, maybe with a little bit of beard or body hair in general as i want to keep this lenght and i'm scared that after a HT my donor zone will look too depleted and different with such short hair, of course i'd do the SMP even in the donor zone but my opinion on SMP over scar tissue isn't clear yet...

For now i can't complain and i'd advice any of you guys to go for a SMP if you are wondering if it's the right choice for you...

Men's Ink is in Milan, Italy, but they also works in Spain sometimes, they have been the best IMO in terms of realisticity and they have fair prices compared to others famous brands :)

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Wow results are amazing. I’m happy for you ! 

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Hi Alex, I saw your photos in the mens-ink profile on Instagram, and they seem impressive.  I am more or less in your situation, I have some hair, but I have been using hair fibers for years to hide baldness, but I am tired of using the fibers, and I am thinking of shaving my head and doing micropigmentation with debora and mirko,  The problem is that I don't know how micropigmentation is natural, I've never seen anyone in person, and that makes me have doubts.  because I didn't plan on shaving my head to zero either.  if you could help me I would appreciate it very much

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