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It's all good when a hair transplant  clinic that  shows us a good result of a patient who has good donor hair.  After all  good donor hair along with a good doctor/team and the use of medication produces good results.   I have weak donor hair and would like some recommendations on some doctors I could contact should I opt for a hair transplant.

@Portugal25 your contribution would be most welcome. 

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@kmgrafix doctors will most likely advise you to start taking finasteride to strengthen your donor area.

With a weak donor area you could be a better candidate for FUT so I would advise you to ask for a FUT diagnosis to Dr. Feriduni, Hasson&Wong and Dr. Rahal.

After my first HT with Dr. Rahal I was left with very little donor area so for my second HT I looked for FUE Doctors that were doing the entire surgery with low graft amounts per day, using stick&place or DHI for implantation and achieving great results using beard grafts. 

The best use of beard grafts I saw came from Dr. Pekiner (2,15€/graft) and HLC (2,7€/graft).

Then I found out about Dr. Bruno Ferreira who is the medical assistant of Dr. Lorenzo in Madrid. He has his own clinic in Porto where he charges 2.5€/graft. Even though there was almost no patiens posting reports I knew Dr. Bruno had to be great if he was working with Lorenzo but he is using beard grafts more conservatively than Dr. Pekiner.

If you don`t want to use beard grafts to increase density then you will have more options like Dr. Konior (8US/graft), Dr. Keser (3.5€/graft ) known for using smaller amounts of grafts to achieve great results or the spanish Kings Dr. Couto, Dr. De Freitas, Dr. Lorenzo (I believe they all charge 5€/graft and Lorenzo also uses beard conservatively like Dr.Bruno).

Looking forward to hearing about the diagnosis the Doctors give you.

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I'm curious as to why you want to go with FUE if you already have a FUT scar. Usually it's best to go with another FUT unless there is some reason to switch such as being stripped out or the strip being taken in the wrong location. If the FUT strip was done correctly in the proper zone then the next FUT will run along the same scar line and you will still have only the one single scar.


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