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I’ve posted on here before but this is update on my situation. I had a prior fue 800 grafts with a doctor who used a Artas. Had poor results maybe 30% graft very unsatisfied. Now I have been on finasteride .25- .50 dosage for about 6 months. I won’t say I seen a lot of regrowth but it has strengthened existing hairs. 

I have included photos of my hair Wet, Dry, Combed Up And Combed Down. 
The ones that look worse obviously is the hair wet. They are not in order 

Combed up it is very exposed but combed down it lays a little better. I’m booked to get a conservative procedure to my frontal maybe about 1000-1200 grafts with an experienced doctor. I am 26 years old so I want to stay conservative as possible . With my hair texture and caliber do you think 1000-1200 grafts would give me good frontal coverage? Also I have a little thinning in crown . Would you recommend smp in the crown ? 

also all these photos was taking without flash. Because I feel the flash makes things look worse than they really are on camera.

I feel as if the finasteride has made donor a little stronger as well. How many grafts would you estimate I have left for the future ?  










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The question isn’t how many grafts so much but who is the doctor ? 

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I'm sorry to say this but if you are young then you will continue to bald. You will need to look at your family history to figure out how bad it will get and figure out how much Donor hair you may have to donate.  Also you will need a doctor to closely examine your donor area with zoom lenses to get an idea of your total donor count. However lucky for you there are great doctors out there that transplant beard hair with great results for example Dr. Arika Bansal. So also consider your beard as a good donor source. 

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Your first step to have a genuinely valuable and worthwhile opinion, is to seek a Doctor who has a proven track record with your hair type. Your hair has a wiry thickness, but due to the curl, groups of hair seem to "clump" together which exposes some scalp at this length.

Considering your age, and despite the fact that you have kept a lot of hair in your crown, there does appear to be a  pattern of thinning/loss which is overall of a significant size. As you have recently began a regimen of finasteride, and have reported some strengthening, you need to show patience in this respect and see what finasteride can potentially do for your crown over a longer period of time.

I presume that your previous surgery was based in your frontal third?

I personally do not feel that 1000 grafts will be sufficient in your frontal third. Despite your hair characteristics which will undoubtedly help, you have what appears to be a few cm´s at in your hairline that would need strengthening, along with your temples and at the very least the back part of your frontal third. As you natural hairline is quite straight, this requires a larger graft count that a recessed or "U" shaped hairline because it has more surface area. Your frontal third will also need strengthening in other areas. If your were to just transplant in some areas and not others,  but then experience loss with your native hair in your frontal third (which is very possible considering your age), you would obviously be left with a very unnatural pattern.

Very loose example to consider. Just your immediate hairline -

If you calculate the frontal hairline length (I would presumer around 14 - 15 cm) x 2cm (depth) at an average density of x 50cm2 = 1500 grafts.You may require a higher density , and this does not address your deeper temples or other areas of your frontal third.

Moving forward, you must be realistic and select an appropriate Doctor.

I wish you the best!

Patient Advisor for BHR Clinic Athens - Greece

ian@drchristianbisanga.com  -  WhatsApp - + 34 642 37 03 83 

I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own.

My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Rahal

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