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Why are there no patient reviews for Dr. Carlos Wesley?

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It seems that Dr. Carlos Wesley is well respected as a HT doctor and has posted some very impressive results on these threads, but there are very few posts from former patients. 

Does anybody know why this is? Are there any patients out there? And do you think Dr. Wesley is a top 10 HT doctor like some people say? 

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+1 his posted results look great, he seems to be well respected in the community and has been doing a lot of research around scarless FUE suggesting a real innovator / expert in his field........his "scarless" FUE approach where the follicular unit is taken from below the scalp by making a small 1cm incision and then working underneath the scalp to extract grafts is a very interesting approach. 

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He hasn't had recent patient-posted results, but he definitely has some good results on the forum.





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Well, coincidentally, I was expecting to share a review in the coming days, but I'll give a brief overview here. I had a FUE procedure with Dr. Wesley 10 days ago. As you can see from my history, I previously had five FUT sessions with another surgeon. Dr. Wesley was able to capture 1725 grafts via long-hair FUE. That brings my total graft count to approximately 10,000! I'm very hopeful that this procedure will address the remaining weaknesses I still had (thinning in mid-scalp, crown, and some pitting in the hairline). I have every expectation that it will be a great result, but it's also good to know that Dr. Wesley estimated I could easily get another ~1500-2000 FUE grafts if needed. Thank goodness for my donor supply.

I can share more details and photos, but I'll say that the experience with Dr. Wesley was excellent. High marks all the way around for him, his team, the approach, and aftercare instructions/strategy. As I mentioned, I'm on day 10 and the whole experience has been a breeze. I had no swelling or pain, extremely minimal redness, and all crusts were gone as of day 8. Numbness was legitimately gone by day 2, which was a very nice surprise. Only minor annoyances were some slight itching (didn't require topical intervention), a few hours of hiccups the day after surgery (resolved with 1 tablet of Baclofen), and a case of messy hair. The last reference is obviously tongue in cheek, but it's amazing how much I rely on hair pomade to control my hair. I returned to work on Monday (day 6) and my co-workers knew I was getting a procedure, but they still laughed at my non-styled hair look. I will begin normal styling routine tomorrow, so back to normal and no further worries there. Before the procedure, I had some concern about how well the donor area would be covered with my existing hair because I wasn't sure it was quite long enough, but it really is barely noticeable, even with several small bands shaved down. By tomorrow, with some light combing and pomade, I doubt you'd be able to tell I had anything shaved. Regardless, it's growing back quickly and I'll probably get a haircut in about another two weeks to blend everything.  

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with Dr. Wesley and my experience. I'd absolutely recommend speaking to him if you're considering either FUE or FUT, as I was very impressed by examples of all of his work. I think he's highly underrated and should receive more attention than he does. Feel free to ask any questions, but will probably end up starting a new thread if helpful.


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