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Is Kirkland minoxidil causing my hair to fall out

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Hi everyone. 

i had my HT last May with very good results around the crown with 2700 graphs and also PRP. 
I am using biotin, other supplements, topical finasteride and Kirkland minoxidil. But only in the morning for the past 7 months or so. 
now every time I use Kirkland minoxidil I see approx 10-15 hairs on my Palm on application and my wife says she can see thinning just below where I had my transplant. Am in in shedding phase ? am I using it too little ? Is it not good for me?

pls help 

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Interesting that you post this as lately, I, also have been shedding hair...around 50-70 hairs daily...some when I’ve shampooed my hair or some when I’ve applied Kirkland Minoxidil and I only apply Minoxidil once a day at night, the shed hairs are strong thick hairs I’ve noticed and they seem to be from my crown as it looks slightly thinner than a few months ago, I am also still doing a microneedling routine. I was concerned, but from what I’ve read, it’s likely just a seasonal or cyclical shed...if it was hair loss the hairs would be fine and thinner, from what I’ve read.

Hang in there, and just wait it out, you should see new growth with a new cycle around 1-3 months, but if not then it may be something else that you may want to see a dermatologist.

Edit: I just want to add, I’m not exactly sure if the hairs I’m shedding are my HT hairs just going through a new cycle or if they are native hairs also going through a new cycle, will just have to wait to see how it grows.

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