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Hair transplant help


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Hi all

Apologies if i come across naive this is my first time i am posting on a forum.
I have heard alot about this forum and would like some help and advice from this helpful community. I will try my hardest to give as much information as possible. 

I am 32 years old, live in the UK, smoker, and on no hair loss medications. I have always stayed away from propecia because of the side effects. 

I started losing my hair when i was 25 and now i’m almost bald. I think my hair loss is norwood 6 and my donor area is ok not the best. I really need to get a hair transplant done now. 

I would really appreciate if you guys can help me and give me some advice so i can make the right decision and eliminate any possible problems. 

1. What country is best to go for hair transplant?
2. Is Turkey good? 
3. Who is the best surgeon in Turkey? 
4. Who are the best surgeons in the world 
5. Is there any new FUE techniques? 
6. What is the best Pen / Blade a surgeon should use?
7. How to choose a good surgeon? 
8. How big should the hole be when the surgeon makes the incision?
9. How can i achieve the best result from an FUE?
10. Should i get any insurance? 
11. How close should the hairs be transplanted?
12. If i need grafts from my beard who are the best surgeons?
13. Are the surgeons who do hair transplant for celebrities the best?
14. What questions should i ask the surgeon? 
15. Any other general advice and tips?

Thank you very much for reading my post and i look forward to any replies. Please share as much advice, knowledge and tips. 

I have no margin for error and i really need to get this right and i’m with help from all you guys i think i might just get through it.


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First of all, relax and breathe. You want to fight balding. And you want a permanent solution. What has happened has happened. It’s important to not panic and take impulsive decisions. 

I don’t think there is one single country that you can pick over the other. There are good surgeons and bad surgeons anywhere you go. 

one thing you could start off is stopping smoking which can result in poor outcomes post op, and start non surgical treatments like LLLT or even medications to thicken your hair before possible surgery, while you research your best options. 

I had an FUT elsewhere so I can’t comment on turkey or the questions that follow regarding turkey.

As for the best blade, I suggest you ask your surgeon what the best treatment is for you. And allow him to chose his sword. After all, they have trained for years.

Have some faith.
good luck! 

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@Hair transplant help if you are a NW6 or higher you will need two surgeries to get the best possible outcome.

1. It’s not about the country but the Doctor. For my first HT in 2008 to rebuild the hairline I chose the best at that time for hairlines which was Dr. Rahal and last year I needed to rebuild my crown using the maximum amount of beard grafts so I chose the best for BHT mega sessions. 

2. Turkey is the world capital of botched hair transplant and 99% of the clinics are a risk but the other 1% are world class. 

3 Dr. Keser does some of the best hairlines in this forum. Dr. Kaan Pekiner is a master at beard mega sessions and HLC Ankara is putting out some great results but they have 6 doctors so no way of knowing who is getting those great results and which Doc will do the surgery. Dr. Demirsoy also has some nice results but he uses technicians to implant the grafts (dealbraker for me). 

4. Konior, Couto, Lorenzo, Feriduni, De Freitas (be prepared for 2 year wait lists and high prices). 

5. What matters are the results the doctor can achieve and not the technique. For instance, Dr.  Konior is achieving some of the best results in the world and he uses stick&place to implant grafs when the newest technique is direct hair implantation with Lion Implantor Pens. Konior does use WAW to extract the hairs which is the most recent extraction technique that is said to have the lowest graft transection rate. 

6. Again what matters is the skill of surgeon. Supposedly the best technique are WAW to extract and DHI to implant but the best in the world are not doing both WAW and DHI and are getting better results than any other doctor. 

7. Look at a lot of results posted by patients in this forum and others.

8. My advise is that the Doctor should be doing the whole surgery. Unless you go to icon like H&W that will have a amazing tech team because any tech in the world would kill to work for them. 

9. Chose a Doctor with great results posted by patients. 

10. It’s a surgery so if something goes wrong you should have medical insurance for post op care. In Portugal the best hospitals are public and in Europe you don’t pay for public health care but that might be different in other countries so it’s always good to be insured should anything goes wrong and you need to be hospitalized (if you would need to be hospitalized in the US you would probably go broke). 

11. Trust the doctor. 

12. For me it’s Kaan Pekiner and HLC. 

13. Heck no! Clinics pay celebrities to have their hair transplant with them and post on instagram promoting the clinic but the reality is that a average person will not have the same level of surgery as a celebrity paid to endorse the clinic. Just like the images on the clinics website (many of them don’t even belong to the clinic). 

14. Always ask to the surgeon what is his role in the surgery and what is the background of his technical support team. 

15. Have a look at Dr. Bruno Ferreira in Portugal, he works in Madrid with Dr. Lorenzo but also has is own clinic in Portugal (half price). Every case is different, I went with Dr. Kaan because I needed a beard mega session and he has a lot experience with over 1800 beard grafts in one day but the diagnosis I got from Dr. Bruno was the best I have ever received.

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Good advice ^

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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