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I recently had surgery with Dr Demirsoy and thought I would share my pictures and my thoughts.


I'm 30 year old and have had recession of the temples and thinning at the front for about 7 years now. I'm getting married in summer next year so this was the catalyst for getting the finger out and having the procedure done. I've never taken Finasteride or used Minoxidil, although I will start to use both shortly.

The Dr originally quoted me between 2500 and 3000 grafts.



Dr Demirsoy's assistant, Muzaffer, was absolutely fantastic. I arrived in Istanbul airport on the 19th at 11:30pm and he was there to pick me up and drop me off at the hotel. The hotel was great and as my fiance came with me, we upgraded to the Junior Suite with a Jacuzzi in the room and stayed for 4 nights. The hotel was nice and food/drink was extremely cheap, the only downside is you could hear conversations in other rooms quite easily.



I had my procedure completed on the 20th of January. Muzaffer picked me up at 8:00am and we went to the clinic, I didn't sleep much the night before the procedure due to Turkey being 3 hours ahead of the UK so I was quite tired. Mufazzer drove me to the clinic and when we arrived went over all the relevant paperwork then the doctor came and assessed my hair, my family history and asked what I was expecting from the HT. He then drew the hairline (I went with his suggestion as trying to recoup the hairline I had went I was 18 would look odd now I think) and then I was taken to have some pictures taken. After this, my head was shaved and more pictures were taking after I confirmed I was happy with the drawn hairline and scope of the HT. I was then taken back into the waiting room and given a xanax to help relax me. I have a fairly spotty memory of the first half of the procedure due to the xanax and being absolutely shattered, but I was asked to lie on my side and then given a few anaesthetic injections in the donor area (little nippy but not too bad). The Dr then started doing the extractions but I was slipping in and out of consciousness while trying to watch South Park on my phone.

After this we broke for lunch and then after some more anaesthetic in the recipient area the incisions were performed by the Dr. I was fully awake during this but didn't feel anything thanks to the anaesthetic. The nurses then started inserting the grafts and this is where I started experiencing a lot of pain, I did get more anaesthetic but could still feel quite a bit of pain throughout, this is due to me bleeding out the anaesthetic quickly (I bleed a lot while getting tattoos as well, so this is absolutely not the doctor or nurses fault but my body). I would say this bit was on par with an upper back tattoo, but this won't be the experience for most people. 

After this I was bandaged up and then Mufazzer drove me back to the hotel where my (very worried) partner was waiting for me. I was given naproxen and antibiotics to take.


Day after: 

Mufazzer picked me up at approx. 10:00am to take me back to the clinic for my first wash, the Dr then came and reviewed the recipient and donor area and was happy with the condition and healing of it.


All in all I'm happy with the whole experience, so now hoping for a great result!


I've attached photos from the day of the procedure, the day after and one I took today before leaving the hotel. Will post more as time goes on :)













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Updating fin/min history

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I'm a Demirsoy customer too, month 3 and going well. You're in good hands 

Happy growing 


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Same with me. Now three and a half month have passed. and things are on track

Looks really good and clean and will be a good result!

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Day 10 update:

Everything all nicely healing and 99% of all scabs removed. Front of scalp still a little numb and mild skin flaking from the donor area, otherwise all good. :) 



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3 month update:

Everything coming along nicely. I developed a pretty bad case of folliculitis in the donor area. I quite often get spots around my neck and back of head so this was actually sort of expected, still itchy and painful AF though. There's still a few spots there which are finally healing up, but I've lost quite a bit of hair there which I've seen in the scabs, so I think there's been some 'shock loss' because of the persistent issues. I also got fairly bad shock loss in my native hair, but that seems to have almost come back to normal, although some of it was fairly weak, so I'll be relying on more of the transplanted hairs I reckon.


The time has flown by and now that I'm starting to see some early regrowth I'm super positive for the future. 






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