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SMP vs Tricopigmentation if I'm still balding?

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I'm set on getting some kinda "hair tattoo" in 2020. I'm deciding between SMP and Tricopigmentation. I know that both options performed by a good practitioner will give good and realistic results. That's not my question.

I'm a NW3 or NW4 and I'm still balding. My dad is a NW7. I'll probably reach NW7 one day. I'm only 37. If I weren't balding anymore I would definitely go for SMP because I don't have to do touch ups as frequently. But since I'm still balding I'm wondering if it makes sense to go for Trico instead.

If I get SMP and I need a touch up, say in 2 years, to cover the newly bald areas, then the newly applied pigment on my head will be fresh, but I'd also have pigment from 2 years ago that may have faded by say 40-50%. So when I go for my next touch up, say in another 2 years, I'll now have fresh pigment, pigment that's 2 years old, and pigment that's 4 years old. Is this an issue in any way?

Can those of you with experience comment on whether it is a problem to do touch ups on a head that has pigments of different age? As far as I know pigment doesn't fade evenly on all parts of the scalp anyway, so then I'd have this problem whether I'm still balding or not.

So then does it make sense to go for Trico because I'm still balding. I prefer SMP, but if there is a strong argument for Trico, then I'd like to hear it.




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