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Caucasian M41, NW3/2500 Grafts Eugenix, India

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Small update. Found myself under some really harsh office lights tonight and wanted to snap a few pics for you guys. The thickening I've been experiencing has really allowed the transplant stand up under these kinds of difficult lighting conditions. It's a very positive development as my final result begins to round into shape. 








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The middle part of the hairline is filling in now. Trust the process! 😊 Thanks for stopping by, Nelson. 

Today is technically 5 months, so I’m going to post a quick update. Will do a full featured report with different lighting, wet hair, etc. at month 6.  Hairline has started to fill in and thicken

Sorry I'm a little late on posting my monthly update, but the pictures were taken on Sunday at exactly 7 months. Oddly enough, I feel like my result has regressed over the past month. There are a few

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Nice. Office light is the most brutally honest lighting I've encountered in everyday life and your result is definitely holding up under pressure. Congratulations.

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On 10/27/2020 at 3:10 AM, Melvin-Moderator said:


I think I will be headed to Eugenix myself next year. Hair greeds calling my name lol

What is your plan? To adress crown? And how many grafts do you estimate are left in your donor?

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1 hour ago, BjornBorg said:

What is your plan? To adress crown? And how many grafts do you estimate are left in your donor?

Edit: sorry for the erroneous reply! Thought you were replying to me. 

I have a weak spot on the left side of the hairline. It’s noticeably less dense than the right side. When I use some styling putty and the hair is layered it’s less noticeable. Still makes setting my hair more challenging than I’d like, so I’d love to get it filled in with a few hundred grafts. Then behind my hairline moving toward my mid scalp there is a fairly large weak spot that I’d like to strengthen a bit. I simply want to shore up the illusion of density a bit more. Luxury touch up? Most definitely. Not in a hurry at the moment. Going to see how it all looks after 12 months. 

Dr Arika said I still have roughly 5000 grafts left. Crown work is something I don’t have plans to do. 


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Yeah sorry for kidnapping your thread, man. 😛

As for what you described, I can totally see where you're coming from. At the same time getting a better result than you did (and at just 9 months) in one go is not that common. Your result is a success. And now that you see how well you responded to the procedure, you know that total satisfaction is within reach.

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Man with 5000 grafts in the bank your in a excellent position! I think a lot of us will be heading to Eugenix next year. It’s results like yours and the zoomster have made my mind up. 

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10 months yesterday. 

Totally wet. Towel dried out of the shower in direct sunlight. Styled with clay indoors and outdoors and in direct sunlight. Donor towel dried near a window.

Hope you're all doing well!

















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