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3.5 months, in a poorly lit room:    

Wow, looks extremely clean (like almost always at ASMED), and the early growth is really promising.  Considering you age and the feedback of the miniaturised grafts, you should re-consider FIN IM

Nice early growth, plenty more ahead!

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On 6/20/2020 at 6:46 PM, giegnosiganoe said:

Interesting! I have a similar thing going on in my donor area. Glad to see that you've still had amazing yield despite that. Would highly recommend getting on a DHT blocker though.

Results look amazing! Do you have any before pics with longer hair that you can share? I feel that would make for a more accurate comparison.

Hi, these are the last photos I found where I don't have a buzz cut. These are from spring 2018 so over 2 years ago, I think my hairloss progressed since then.





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Looks brilliant! It looks 100% natural and that's why. Still some more months of growth ahead of you. If you find yourself responding well to the oral minoxidil you may not have to worry about the crown at all. Well done!

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