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maybe is because the poor light, but I think your density is improved a lot!

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I think it's mainly because of the lightning (it really matters!) I don't think there's a lot of difference between now and two weeks ago.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed some new hairs sprouting so I'm hoping for a good improvement over the next 2-3 months

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5 months:

My hair here is a bit dirty, when it's clean it looks a bit better


Room light:





Under the sun:



Under bright bathroom light:






Clearly it's a tremendous improvement from preop, however I'm still hoping for more density. I think I'm mostly happy with the hairline, so I'd like to see more density in the mid section and crown.

In the last month I've noticed some shedding again which worries me a bit.


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Wow this is a forming into a great result, what a difference.

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Thank you guys!

I've been wondering - how important for the result do you think the person's fitness level is ? Maybe regarding cardiovascular system.

I've seen some other fit, younger guys on here post amazing results. Also I have a friend who got a HT (although at another clinic), he's in very poor shape, overweight and his HT turned on rather poorly in my opinion


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