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1mg finasteride available at Walmart

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Hey, so I guess I have been under a rock when it comes to this subject but I missed the point that 1mg generic finasteride became available. 


I got a script and did not notice that was what it was. I have been on 1.25mg fin for 10 years successfully, cutting the 5mg into quarters. 


I am trying to decide whether or not to go back and get a 5mg or to just move to the 1mg and not have to worry about cutting the pills.



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I would suggest sticking with what has been working for you for the past decade. Quartering a pill is worth the minor inconvenience rather than going through a potential backslide in your hair retention.

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There is one big elephant in the room on this one.    It's that very small word .        ..generic...

Never put your trust in any medication that is important to you on this basis.

We are lead to believe it's the same, like for like , same amount of active ingredient , and excipents and so on. 

The pharmaceutical company's are experts at disguising ..like for like.






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