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Hello, I'm 53 years old and just completed my FUE hair Transplant and wanted to share my experience with Dr Civas Clinic in Turkey. My overall goal was to find an experienced accredited surgeon that would develop the best customized solution possible, and who would personally be involved in the entire transplantation procedure himself. That’s why I chose Dr Civas. 1) He is a Dr. of Dermatology with several accreditations in Hair transplantation including ISHRS and ABHRS. 2) Dr. Civas dedicates himself and his entire staff to only one client per day, no juggling of priorities. 3) From the initial on line consultation, to the final post-surgery follow up, there was clear and consistent communication about the procedure and expectations. 5) English speaking, Both Dr Civas and Zeynep, the excellent PM that communicated and coordinated the entire trip incl; chauffer, hotel, meals, were great communicators explain each step clearly.

I would highly recommend Dr. Civas and team to anyone who is looking for great Quality and service! Everything from the time of my initial arrival to my departure was well coordinated, in a relaxed professional environment.  I will continue to post on results and progress…

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