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I've been taking Fin for about week now, with Oral Min and Derma Pen currently in transit from AllDayChemist. My plan is to start Fin for 90 days to determine if I get sides, and switch to Dut while taking 1 Mg of Oral Minox per day along with Derma Pen 1.5mm 1x per week and Nizarol Shampoo + Biotin for a year and connect my results with a HT. I'm a NW6 for sure, and am hoping that at the very least, I can thicken up my donor area + try to get some of the miniaturized hairs on my crown to go Terminal, but I'm not expecting a miracle by any means. I do believe if I'm able to regrow a bit and thicken up my donor, that a 5,000 grafts would give me an age appropriate hairline + midscalp coverage and would atleast look better than what I have now. I'm aware that I could also have temporary SMP in the thin areas at the midscalp, etc. + fibers for additional density. At that point I would return for a 2nd HT IF (and a big IF) I had any remaining grafts, or live with it until/if new technology (Follica, Dr. Tsuji, etc.) hits the market, although I'm not holding my breath.

Am I delusional? I've seen some pretty incredible results from the Big 4 on here + HairLossTalk and know I won't be able to live with myself if I don't atleast try to do something about this. I wasn't even aware that there were hair loss treatments that even worked when I was actually losing my hair, and try not to beat myself up about doing anything about it while I was younger.

Anyways, any advice / thoughts on my current plan would be helpful. I'm cautiously optimistic about the next 12 months.

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