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This patient is a 38-year-old gentleman who desired to increase density in the hairline and frontal zone of the scalp. He wanted this to follow his native hairline and not alter his appearance significantly.  He does not have a family history of hair loss and is currently on oral and topical medications to maintain his native hair. His desire was very conservative: he wanted to bring down the frontal hairline about 1 cm and increase the density in the frontal area. The hair quality in the donor area was excellent, and he had no intentions of shaving his head in the future. 

The patient had 1959 follicular unit grafts placed in the frontal hairline and frontal zone of the scalp. The strip donor harvest method was utilized. The photographs show the results at 14 months. His goals were met as the frontal hairline has been enhanced, the density in the frontal zone increased, and there is no evidence of a scar in the donor area with his hair at the length of using his shaver in a low setting. Overall the patient was extremely satisfied with the naturalness of the final result and the density. 





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With the lowering of the hairline and the fact that some of the grafts were placed behind the hairline as well, I can definitely see the improvement. The hairline itself is much "cleaner" in appearance due to the increased density and presence of stronger hair. 

I'd also be interested in the graft placement, but I don't think the count is out of line at all. Most hairline cases will be at least 1k to 1.5k grafts if there's any lowering involved and for the area behind 500 is also not an unreasonable number depending on patient goals.

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On 1/21/2020 at 2:00 AM, stephcurry30 said:

Looks like he just got a haircut. 


Can you please post photos of the graft placement?

Looks real nice indeed. Very clean and natural.

Could we get post photos of the graft placement as stephcurry30 suggested?

Many thanks!

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