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Hi All,


long time lurker here, i'm seriously considering doing SMP since i still have hair but diffuse thinning all over my head. I currently use concealer products  and they look good to a certain extent but the draw back for it that it rinses off so i cant really do any water sports or always worrying when it rains.  

got some questions below hoping the experts or experienced users can comment here. by the way, i keep my hair at medium cut length (around eye and ear level)


1. how does it look wet? is it more noticeable or it remains hard to tell

2. does it complicate things if i want to get a HT down the road?

3. what are some of your regrets if any after getting it done?



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2016 SMP for me and been very happy with it. My biggest advice is to take your time to select a good clinician. I sat down with 3 before I was happy to continue; you want experience and evidence of results. I also wanted one that would naturally fade over time, so I kept the option to let it fade or touch it up. You definitely don’t want a permanent tattoo-type job IMO. Also, don’t get too greedy with a low hairline; I think less is more when is comes to SMP for a natural look. Getting it wet is absolutely no issue. Main issues are sun protection, and you do find your head (apparently) sweating more in the heat without hair to absorb it, but you will find it a dream compared to the maintenance and limitations of concealer. I can’t imagine any issues facilitating a HT per-se, but SMP has to be kept shaven to look right, although I often let it grow when I know I can wear a hat out. This could make the transition to HT quite awkward when you have to grow it out, making the SMP look wrong until you have hair to cover, but I wouldn’t let this hold you back. Take your time to pick a good clinic and go for it 👍

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