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Please help. White tubes of skin and also the odd hair coming out after 5 days

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Title says it all really, just wondering if this is normal? I know about the shock loss and it’s expected that hair will shed etc but I’ve had a lot of what look like white little tubes of skin come away from the scalp hardly any with hairs though and this is day 5. Are the important parts remaining deep under the surface? Any experts or people who have experienced I would love to hear from. Worried I might of been through all this for no reason, thanks guys. 

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Hi @George27

it is perfectly normal to see all sorts of scabbing, dead skin, shedding hairs few days after the surgery and really within the first 4 weeks or more. It is unlikely that follicles fell and in fact the follicle separates and stays deep in the skin. In 3 months some of them slowly begin to break through the skin. Final results are usually 12-18 months from Surgery.


i will not worry about what you just described. It is a long waiting game for sure! All the best. 

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